The 19th "International Meetings on New Philosophical Practices" will be held at UNESCO House (Paris) on 19 and 20 November 2020. On Friday 20 November from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the Ceremony for the renewal of the UNESCO Chair in Philosophy with Children will take place, in the presence of H. Rosa (sponsor of the Chair). The "Encounters" are free of charge and open to all. However, registration is compulsory on our website in order to enter the UNESCO House.

The theme will be: "Time to think" What is "time to think"?


The metaphor of the owl is enlightening for philosophy: it only takes flight at nightfall, in the aftermath of the day, which makes reflection possible: in a recursive time that returns to the lived experience to make it an experience, to give intelligibility to the world. An examined life said Socrates. Lack of time to think in our society The consumerist cult of comfort seems to be repugnant to effort. The pause for thought, the "patience of the concept" (Hegel), is only a waste of time for modern instrumental reason, which aims at efficiency and profitability, reduces time to capital to be managed optimally, and hardly cultivates reflective use of language and thought. The acceleration of our temporalities (H. Rosa) leads to "prevented thinking". What role for the New Philosophical Practices (NPP)? Thinking is therefore an act of resistance, a suspension of the frenzy of our entertained lives, an "oasis of thought". For this purpose, the practice of philosophy creates for children and adults times and places to make possible both individual and collective reflexivity: "philosophy workshop", "philosophy café", "philosophy consultation", etc.

The 19th International Meeting on New Philosophical Practices will explore, in the different workshops, this "time for thinking" and this "time of thinking". During these two days, we will offer papers, practical workshops, demonstrations of workshops, and plenary lectures. The Meetings will be followed by the Philosophy Night.


Steering Committee

 Edwige Chirouter, Nathalie Frieden, Johanna Hawken, Anne Herla, Gaëlle Jeanmart, Mélanie Olivier, Aurélia Platon, Alain Buchet, Christian Budex, Olivier Blond-Rzewuski, Michel Tozzi.


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September 1, 2020

Response of the Scientific Committee :

September 20, 2020


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